Artisan-Impressed Ice Cream Cones – The ‘CookECones’ and ‘PretzLcones’ are Indulgent (


The ‘CookECones’ and ‘PretzLcones’ are Indulgent

Ice cream cones are historically created from both a plain-flavored wafers or a skinny waffle, so the ‘CookECones’ and ‘PretzLcones’ have been created to supply followers of frozen treats with a flavorful different.

The ice cream cones are crafted with both a cookie or pretzel profile that can add an extra contact of sweetness to the dessert or a little bit of savory taste, respectively. The cones are appropriate to be used with any taste of ice cream and can enable for quite a lot of sudden style profiles to be created.

The ‘CookECones’ and ‘PretzLcones’ can be found for buy from Vat 19 and are appropriate for shoppers of all ages, however are more likely to be favored by foodies searching for to reinforce their favourite taste of ice cream.


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