After Figuring out This, You Will Keep away from Consuming Banana With Milk


Banana milkshake, banana milkshake smoothies, banana with milk, wow, the nice mixture evokes our style buds proper from childhood. Mummies normally give their kids, within the morning whereas going to highschool, as it’s thought to be the healthiest drink and wholesome breakfast. Banana milkshake is taken as pre-workout and publish exercise drink. (Learn: Easy methods to Develop tall)

However are you aware, when eaten individually, offers a fantastic well being, however when mixed, it solely adjustments the method.  Medical doctors, nutritionists and even eating regimen medical doctors advocate that, taking banana with milk shouldn’t be a fantastic mixture and incorporates many unwanted side effects.

After realizing this, positively, you’ll not be consuming banana with milk

Advantages of banana:

Banana incorporates fats, magnesium, copper, protein, fibre, potassium, vitamin C, Copper and good carb s. It lowers the blood ranges, improves digestive system, shed pounds, improves coronary heart well being, retains kidney wholesome. It incorporates 100gms of fruit which incorporates 89 energy, and consuming sufficient of this may make abdomen full. Banana is specifically eaten for constructing muscular tissues. (Learn: Advantages of Consuming Watermelon seeds)

Advantages of Milk:


100 gm of Milk incorporates 42 energy with protein, calcium, riboflavin, vitamin A, D, B12, phosphorous, Niacin, and many others., Consuming milk offers bone well being, coronary heart well being, fights most cancers, muscle constructing, comes out from the melancholy. Milk is reasonably taken for girls in 30’s because the bone begins diminishing. (Learn: Advantages of consuming goat milk)

Individually, ingredient incorporates nice well being alternative, if mixed each, then there comes the well being downside

It upsets the digestive system :

digestive system

In keeping with ayurveda, when mixed these two meals, these are probably the most incompatible meals. These disturbs intestinal flora in digestive system, which enormously results indigestion and abdomen bloating. If taking in the long term, then it results in vomiting and diarrhoea. ( Learn: Cures for Constipation)

Raises the issue of sinus congestion:

sinus congestion

Banana is bitter and milk is nice in nature. The other in nature, produces the toxins within the physique and arises the issue of sinus congestion, cough, chilly and different allergy issues.

Sort 2 Diabetes:

Consuming banana is okay, however consuming milk with it, offers an over quantity of sugar within the physique, which is absorbed into blood stream. Our physique produces insulin, to take away sugar from the blood it will get transformed in to fats. Doing this constantly, cells turn out to be insulin resistant, your physique are likely to develop type-2 diabetes. (Learn: Causes and Indicators of Coronary heart assault)

Beneficial properties weight simply:

Gains weight easily

Banana and milk mixture is absolutely loaded with fats and sugar. When these two are taken mixed, these are indigestible within the abdomen and turns in to fats content material, which initially lead in weight gaining.

Slows down reminiscence energy:

Slows down memory power

In keeping with ayurveda, when these two are taken it turns into heavy to the physique. As a result of heaviness within the physique, mind slows down and capabilities slowly.

Backside line :

For those who received hooked on drink milk with banana, then take at the very least 20 minutes hole, in between the 2. Milk is as equally wholesome as banana, every has their very own significance, however when each are mixed, then there comes the issue.


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